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Perfectionism is like that nagging voice in your head that says, "It's not good enough." It's the feeling that no matter what you do, it could always be better. Imagine you're coloring a picture, and instead of being happy with your work, you keep going back to make tiny adjustments because you're afraid it won't be perfect. That's perfectionism.

It's not just about wanting things to be nice or neat; it's about feeling like you have to meet impossibly high standards all the time. It can make you feel stressed, anxious, and like you're never quite measuring up. It's like being on a never-ending quest for flawlessness, even though deep down, you know it's impossible.

Perfectionism can show up in different parts of your life, like schoolwork, sports, or even just how you keep your room tidy. It's not always a bad thing; it can push you to do your best. But when it takes over and stops you from enjoying things or trying new stuff because you're afraid of messing up, that's when it can become a problem. Brennalynn Flaherty offers compassionate guidance to her clients in navigating and overcoming the burdens of perfectionism, equipping them with tools to embrace self-compassion and find fulfillment beyond unrealistic standards.

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